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Chiranjeevi launches Oxygen banks

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

Hyderabad: The oxygen bank services announced by Megastar Chiranjeevi a couple of days back have been launched in State on Wednesday. The services are being offered by Chiranjeevi Charitable Trust. They have been set up under the supervision of the district presidents of the Chiranjeevi fans association. He brought the banks into use within a week of his statements. The process of establishing the banks in all the districts of Telangana had been completed by the mega star.

He also brought into a new Twitter account in the name of Chiranjeevi charitable trust for the establishment of the oxygen banks. Speaking on the occasion, Chiranjeevi said that the supply of the oxygen would continue to all the districts of the State without any interruption. He said that they had ordered oxygen concentrators from China and added that they were handing over the oxygen cylinders after finding out the requirement of the banks. Ram Charan was supervising the arrangements being made for the maintenance of the oxygen banks, he added.

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