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Chiranjeevi Garu giving away Health Cards to Film Families from all crafts.

Updated: Jan 23, 2022

Megastar Chiranjeevi continuing his efforts to protect the health and lives of all families of the Telugu Film Fraternity has initiated a tie up between Chiranjeevi Charitable Trust and Yoda Diagnostics though which all diagnostics for film fraternity have been made available at half the market prices. Health Cards have been printed by Chiranjeevi Charitable Trust and personally handed over to the representatives of respective crafts. In the program held at Chiranjeevi Charitable Trust, Mega Star Chiranjeevi personally handed over health cards of Seven Thousand Seven Hundred and Forty Four (7744) families across Twenty (20) Crafts. More Telugu film families are being continually being added to the initiative. These Health cards are smart cards with QR codes which upon scanning will give details of all the dependent’s of a film worker so that all of them can take advantage of this initiative. Chiranjeevi Garu is envisioning more features and facilities through the smart card in coming days. It is in sync with his vision that no film worker or the workers families should suffer in long term just because they could not afford the right diagnostics in time.


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