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What drives us....

Chiranjeevi Charitable Trust (CCT) was started by megastar of Telugu cinema Chiranjeevi with the able guidance of Allu Arvind on 2nd October 1998. The two major wings of CCT are blood bank and eye bank. In a span of five years, CCT has collected 38,200 units of blood. 79% of these blood units (30,500) were given to poor and downtrodden for free of cost and remaining units were given to corporate hospitals at a nominal fee. CCT has collected 390 pairs of eyes and 780 blind people were benefited through cornea transplant at CCT. CCT also won the prestigious “Best Voluntary Blood Bank’ award by State Government of AP for the years of 2002 and 2003.
To make sure that the CCT gets global reach, a website is developed. This site was officially launched at a function organized at Jubilee Hall of Public Gardens today at 11:30 am.
The celebrities that graced this occasion include Mohan Kanda (Chief Secretary of AP State Government), Jaya Prakash Narayan (Convener of Lok Satta), Dr. Kakarla Subba Rao, Padmasri Dr. Habibulla, Dr. Vithal Rajan (Political economist), Dr. Kasu Prasad Reddy (Director of Chiranjeevi Eye Bank), Murali Mohan and Padmasri Allu Ramalingaiah
Addressing the gathering, Sharad Marwar – a key person of CCT and executive producer of Geeta Arts – explained the birth and growth of CCT and its various activities. He also explained the future plans of CCT and he said that a new building equipped with ultramodern medical devices is coming up very soon.
Mohan Kanda unveiled the English version of and Padmasri Dr. Habibulla launched the Telugu version. Dr. Vithal Rajan released the English version of 1st newsletter of CCT and Dr. Jaya Prakash Narayan released the Telugu version.
Speaking on this occasion, Dr. Kakarla Subba Rao said that Chiranjeevi has done something unusual. Doctors have skills and competency to perform medical operations. But not all doctors have the humility, humanitarian attitude, honesty, courtesy and compassion that is possessed by a human being called Chiranjeevi. He professed that a ‘chiru deepam’ called CCT would become a ‘large deepam’ to enlighten society.
Mohan Kanda (Chief secretary for government of AP) said that he was also associated with films and he acted as child artist in quite a few films. He said that being the chief secretary for AP state government, he has witnessed good deeds and bad things. And he compared his coming to attend this function to the climax of a typical film. He said that some people say there is life after death. But CCT is giving lives to the people before death by supplying the much needed blood at vital hours. He also said that the government alone cannot do the entire service and eminent celebrities like Chiranjeevi should come forward to serve people using channelized services like CCT.
Padmasri Habibulla described this function as the most noblest function he ever attended. He praised Chiranjeevi that he is the role model for all of us. He said that CCT is a boon for the poor. He also pledged that he would use his remaining lifetime in serving this noble cause. He also advised that CCT should concentrate on futuristic medical technology called ‘Sten Cell’.
Jaya Prakash Narayan – convener of Loksatta – said that Chiranjeevi proved himself to be the hero in real life by starting CCT. He said that society has given every individual to grow up and becoming something special on one’s own. He urged that all the big people who become big because of the society should contributed the money and services to the society. The real heroism is shown by Chiranjeevi by giving it to society than taking from the society.
Noted political economist Dr. Vithal Rajan who did his PhD from London School of Economics said that he finds Chiranjeevi’s films exciting. He urged that every celebrity should give back to society with charity services like Jane Fonda, Steve Waugh and Chiranjeevi. He said that every year India needs 70,000 eyes for blind people and we are able to serve only 20,000 eyes. He mentioned that delayed administrative and legal procedures are causing many eyes go waste. An eye need to be procured and operated with in six hours from the death of the donor. The legal procedures would not allow procurement of eye within required time.
Film actor and producer Murali Mohan said that Chiranjeevi belongs to the league of MGR, NTR and ANR in terms of popularity and adulation in masses. He said that CCT has saved life of his father when he had blood vomiting.
Kasu Prasad Reddy who worked in UK for 20 years returned to India to serve poor and needy. He said that it’s a privilege to on the board of CCT’s eye bank. He appreciated Chiranjeevi that he is the megastar in real life as well.
Giving the concluding speech, actor Chiranjeevi referred to each and every speakers speech and narrated the important points. He mentioned that Murali Mohan is the first blood donor and because of his auspicious opening, the CCT has come up to this level. He commended the attitude of Murali Mohan for donating the blood while wearing Ayyappa Mala though the rules of Ayyappa Mala negate such activity. He mentioned Murali Mohan’s philosophy of preferring ‘manava seva’ over ‘madhava seva’. Chiranjeevi said that there are so many people dieing due to shortage of blood. And this point prompted him to start CCT. Chiranjeevi proudly mentioned that working for CCT gives him more pleasure and satisfaction than what he gets after delivering a stupendous blockbuster.
Chiranjeevi has given mementoes for the blood donors who donated blood for more than 15 times. The celebrity donors who donated blood for more number of times include Maharshi Raghava, Raja Ravindra, Raghu Kunche and Edida Sreeram. Swapna compared the event. Allu Arvind thanked everybody for making CCT grow. C Aswini Dutt, Allu Arjun and Pawan Kalyan also attended the function.

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